Almost a decade after its foundation, ID Cultural became one of Brazil’s most recognized and competent cultural marketing companies.

Through a meritocratic system unprecedented in its sector, which includes our partners, staff and suppliers, we value those who are able to deliver more than expected, helping us achieve our customers’ expectations.

ID Cultural focus on setting an example. We call it “exemplary culture”.

Our mission is to make each of our projects an example to be followed.

Exemplary culture is deeply rooted within our partners, employees and owners.

As a result, ID grew exponentially over the last few years.

Our philosophy is to offer our clients the best possible experience.

About us

Planning and management of cultural and sporting actions and projects. We create totally customized projects for our clients. We do marketing and publicity consulting.  We are responsible for all the project's steps, from conception to research, fund raising, production, execution and accountability.

ID Cultural is one of the main fund raising companies in Brazil. We help people and companies produce their cultural and sporting projects while searching for budget within the market, whether it is through incentive laws or direct budget from sponsors and supporters. Overall, ID Cultural has raised budgets for more than 150 projects over the last five years. Movies, documentaries, TV shows, books, theater, cultural actions, amongst others, benefited from ID over the years.

ID Cultural does consulting for companies and people, including incentive laws within all three public spheres: municipal, state and federal. Incentive laws benefit both producers, who want to create sporting and cultural projects, and companies, who want to benefit through tax exemption or directing part of its taxes towards a number of different projects. Movies, theater, literature, social actions, sports, etc. There are numerous investing possibilities within culture.  Some of these laws give the sponsor full tax exemption of their investment, at zero cost. Others direct tax payment for a specific project, also at zero cost. The company responsible for the tax incentive can also count on benefits and cultural counterparts, such as book quotas, invitations, their company logo placed on the project, promotion on all types of media, amongst others.

We edit art, photography, history and autobiographical books, as well as short stories and poetry.  As well as our intern editing and production team, we work with well-established, award winning partners all over Brazil, in order to contribute to the projects in a customized manner.

Our portfolio contains nationally awarded books that will be edited in foreign countries by partners in other publishing houses, as well as projects with the up most quality in content and material.

Overall, we utilize imported paper, top quality printing and finishing and, starting in 2016, all of our projects will be printed in the Brazil’s most prestigious printing company regarding art and photography books, reinforcing our commitment with quality and dead lines.



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